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  • Hi Wasfi, I actually tested with the ENT agent, running inside a location that is defined as Explicit Proxy with the Agent active, but I did not configure the client explicitly so it just used the agent. After I pushed the CPL above into my UPE tenant ...

  • Hi Paul, These are the access methods for WSS/Cloud SWG: You could route the clients transparently to CloudSWG if they have static IPs and you can PBR ...

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  • Matthias Geiser's profile image

    RE: Is the WSS agent "tenant specific"?

    Hi Wasafi, the WSS Agent is tenant specific. (This way you do not need to set up authentication and the service still knows ...

  • Wasfi Bounni's profile image

    Surrogate credentials type with WSS agent

    Hi; In an authentication policy, for WSS agents, if we opt for SAML with captive portal or Authentication Connector with captive ...

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  • Hello Team, Any one have guide for Auth connector upgradation doc. Regards, Siva.