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  • The Next Endpoint Management Virtual User Group

    Come join us at the Endpoint Management Virtual User Group on October 19, 2021. There will be two sessions that day so please pick the session that works for your time zone!

    EMEA Endpoint Management User Group - 14:00 British Summer Time

    AMS Endpoint Management User Group - 10:00 am Pacific | 1:00 pm Eastern

    Register today and find out what’s new and coming up for ITMS and Ghose Solution Suite as well as some best practices. Be sure to join us!

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  • How are you doing authentication in your project? If you have the WF project configured to use Windows Authentication & have installed Windows Authentication for IIS you can use the component 'Logged In User Name' to get the user information for the person ...

  • Good morning, We have created a portal in workflow to allow support staff to make changes to IT assets. But the registration of the change through the portal is associated to the "system user" and not to the "logged in user". Can anyone help me with ...

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  • Posted in: Workflow Soluiton

    Hi All, I'm currently putting together workflow which needs to go an run a query from a database where it looks up an ID against the description to them populate back into the running Workflow. I'm in the Integration component which I have setup running ...