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  • SMG-Appliance at 10.6.5 or earlier will expire on May 1 2020.

    The server certificates for SMG-Appliance at 10.6.5 or earlier will expire on May 1 2020.
    If you are running any of these versions you will need to take the required action below.

    What is happening?

    With the transition over to Broadcom, machines hosting the above services are cut-over, new TLS certificates will be generated. Legacy versions of the Brightmail products do not have access to the Certificate Authority certificates (i.e. "Digicert" CA) that are being used to sign the certificates that are being deployed on the migrated servers. This will result in connection failures when the SMG attempts to establish sessions with the Broadcom servers.

    Who Will Be Impacted?

    • Customer running versions of the SMG-Appliance at 10.6.5 or earlier. (Note these versions are all currently in End of Support Life status).
    • Customers running SMG-SP that do not have the updated CA certificate bundle installed.

    What action do I need to take?

    For SMG Appliance customers, upgrade to, at least version 10.6.6 of the software. For SMG-SP customers, ensure that you have the latest CA certificate bundle installed.
    Go HERE to Upgrade Now.

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