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  • Update on Symantec's Information Centric Security Products

    As part of our focus on delivering world-class enterprise security solutions, we are making important changes to our portfolio and want to keep you informed of those changes as early as possible.

    On May 3, 2021, Symantec will end of life the following Information Centric Security products:

    • Information Centric Encryption (ICE)
    • Information Centric Tagging
    • Information Centric Encryption Key Store Virtual Appliance
    • Information Centric Security Module
    • Data Loss Prevention Plus Suite

    We are providing you with this early communication so that you can arrange for a replacement solution that meets your security requirements.

    In addition, for customers who currently have deployed ICE in their environment, you will need to take steps to transition off their service. For the migration steps, click on the article below.

  • Innovation & Strategy Customer Webinar Series Replay

    Symantec Innovation and Strategy for Success Webinars 

    Check out the latest on Symantec's strategy and product updates by viewing a series of recent webinars hosted by Symantec’s leadership team.

    The webinar series provides the most up-to-date information on Symantec’s vision, strategy and product integration and answers some common questions around customer support, product licences and how we work with our customers and partners.

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