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Tech Tip: How to delete CI created by USM Web View

For some business reason you might have to create CI in USM Web View. But it can not be deleted by the same way it works for other connectors (Remove connector and all CI will be deleted). To delete CI created by USM WebView steps are: - Login to USM Web View - Click on 'Browse by CI Type' - In...

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Tuesday Tip: Definition for program @I$ABOVE

CA Tuesday Tip from Julia Giancola, Senior Support Engineer Definition for program @I$ABOVE   Sites that are using the CA Ideal Web Interface and need a buffer area that exceeds 32,000 bytes of parameter area, will need to define the @I$ABOVE program.  @I$ABOVE can be found in the...

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Tech Tip : "The web server returned error: Accepted" occurs when using the "Mail" option

The error "The web server returned error: Accepted" occurs when right clicking an alert in the SOI console, selecting the "Mail" option to manually send the mail.   This can occur if the Email Server settings are missing in the Administration - CA Service Operations Insight UI Server...