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Tech Tip: Knowledge Docs Published November

Last time i posted the knowledge docs it was from Oct-Nov 12th. Here is the remaining docs posted for the month of November. Going forward I will post these on the first of every month. Doc ID# Title Primary Product TEC1882226 ...

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Remote Engineer for UCM 3.9 (pending)

UCM 3.9 was recently released and with it comes an update to MySQL to 5.6. Because of this update the current version of Remote Engineer will not work. We have updated the script and are waiting for it to be released. We will update you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Tech Tip UCM: Effects of "perf-mon" service policy to every interface in both the in- and out-put directions

UCM 3.7 General question about using UCM with Cisco Medianet Performance Monitor: Suppose I have a single Cisco router with three interfaces- gi01, gi02, and gi03. If I apply the perf-mon service policy to every interface in the input direction, then perf-mon will be able to monitor RTP...