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CA TLMS Dynamically Back Out from 14.0 to 12.6

Dynamically Back Out from 14.0 to 12.6 Last update November 3, 2016 If you upgrade to 14.0 from 12.6 without an IPL (and have not performed an IPL with 14.0 installed), you can go back to 12.6 without an IPL. If you have performed an IPL after making 14.0 active, perform an IPL...


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CA TLMS Dynamically Upgrade from 12.6 to 14.0

Dynamically Upgrade from 12.6 to 14.0 Last update November 3, 2016 This section documents how to upgrade from release 12.6 to 14.0 without an IPL. Note: If you have installed any of the CA TLMS Tape Library Management System z/OS usermods from a previous release, you can continue to...


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CA Vantage Web Client 14.0 - Getting Started

This is the first video of the new series of videos that will cover the new functionalities of the new CA Vantage Web Client. Help us produce better videos by telling us which contents you will like to see and learn more about.

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TLMSVMFV – The new VMF chaining utility for CA TLMS 12.6.

For years TLMSVCVS was the main source for finding volume chaining errors within the VMF. With the CA TLMS 12.6 release, TLMSVMFV will replace TLMSVCVS. The major updates are:   Report on dataset chaining errors.  TLMSVCVS only reported on volume chaining errors.   ...

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CA TLMS - Adding and Deleting Volume Ranges.

A step by step guide to adding and deleting ranges in the TLMS VMF.


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Earl program for volume range removal.

The following Earl program will verify that all volumes that are being dropped by a execution of a TLMSVMFU ++RESTORE are not chained to any volumes that will remain in the VMF. Any volumes that are attached to the dropped range will be reported on. The range is supplied on the PARM= operand...

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Health Checker warnings for CA TLMS.

Requirements for CA TLMS Health Checker   The CA Health Checker common service provides a simple and consistent method for CA products to create health checks to run under the IBM Health Checker for z/OS. The IBM Health Checker for z/OS allows you to identify potential problems in your...

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CA TLMS report: Megabyte usage.

This Earl program will list the number of megabytes used for each active volume. There is a total at the end of the report.  The report is helpful when looking to expand to a new ATL/VTS and you need the current megabyte usage. You can also sort the report to look at underutilized volumes,...

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CA TLMS Module ID utility.

CAMODID is a CA Common Services, TSO command processor utility which will find #MODID blocks in load modules located in common storage or selected load module datasets. The #MODID block contains product related information including the service level of the load module element.  This...