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Tech Tips: How to run sample build.xml file in the examples project.

In DevTest Home examples folder , you have a build.xml file that configured to run  one Test  and  the AllTestSuite.ste   Here are the steps to follow: ****************************** Set ANT HOME = C:\ANT1.9\apache-ant-x.x\  Add it to the path =;C:\ANT1.9...

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New Video | Alarms View in CA PM

This video introduces the Alarms View, which allows you to view and manage CA Spectrum alarms from CA Performance Center. The alarms view lets you quickly focus on the most impactful problems in your monitored environment.

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Watch Video | CA APM: Clean Network Traffic and TIM

In this video, you will learn the importance of Clean Network Traffic and TIM since problems occur when the TIM receives incomplete and modified network data, instead of a true copy.

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Tech Tips: Connection to the registry database cannot be established. Please make sure the database is running and the credentials used to connect to database is valid. If you continue, data will not

This error is due to not having connectivity to the machine and port of where the database is running.   All DevTest ports must be bi-directional including ones to the database.   To troubleshoot, do a telnet from the Workstation machine to the machine and port the database is...

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API gateway in Continuous Integration Environment

Several Customers ask me about how migrate policies/fragments between environments or how to integrate APIM in a Continous Integration Model.   Using GMU (Gateway Migration Utility) combined with code repos and CI engines is a easy way to add APIM to de CI pipeline.   Is...