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Predictive Network Behavior

Predictive Network Behavior is the powerful integration of Network Operations and Analytics from CA Technologies and Netrounds Active Testing enabling users to predict and validate the performance of applications and services in environments where network managers often struggle to gain adequate...

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tech tips - A basic guide for configuring snmpcollector

The attached file is a brief guide on how to setup and configure monitoring with snmpcollector. It goes through the basic steps on initial setup, creating templates, and applying monitors.


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TECH TIP PM 2.x Interfaces are "Inactive" on the Data Aggregator and the SNMP Poll Rate is set to "true-null"

In this scenario the SNMP Poll Rate for a device's interfaces will be set to "true-null"  if the network interfaces monitoring profile, or some variation of that profile, was associated to the collection that owned the device, and then it was subsequently dis-associated with the collection....

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Tech Tip: SNMP 2.0 Connector Documentation contains misleading information

On Page 14 of the SNMP 2.0 Connector Guide the following is specified Install the SNMP Connector Install the Catalyst Connector for the SNMP on the same server where Catalyst Container and IFW Proxy is installed and running. Important! Install the CA Catalyst Container...

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Tech Tip: SNMP Connector failed to start

SOI 3.3 SNMP Connector   Problem : The SNMP Connector doesn't come online and status in the Dashboard showing as " snmp policy.xml failed schema validation "   Solution : This is due to corrupt snmp policy file, open the .xml file in a browser it would show an exception... &...