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Tech Tip - NAS_TRANSACTION_LOG table growing indefinitely

Issue : The NAS fails to run Administration task (delete older records) through NIS Bridge due to SQL timeout. Symptoms : You may see NAS TRANSACTION LOG table keep growing. You may see SQL errors in nas.log nas: COM Error [0x80040e31] IDispatch error #3121 - [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for...

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A more modern approach to the EVNTDB control interval size (CISIZE)

EVNTDB is the file transfer events log. It is a local VSAM and its run-time DD name is EVNTDB. Considering new disks (such as IBM DS8800 models 3/9/27/54) and their better exploitation the current value of 4096 (4K) for EVNTDB CISIZE (DATA and INDEX portions) is not the most...

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TECH TIP: How to tune HDAM/PHDAM Databases using Reports from CA Database Analyzer?

Together with Fast Path DEDB databases, the HDAM/PHDAM database types need to be monitored and tuned most often. Beside some general dataset attributes (like CISZ/blocksize or Access Method), these (P)HDAM specific DBD parameters are most important for performance: Randomizer Exit ...