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SiteMinder Idle Timeouts

Scenario The security auditors have been combing through your CA SSO environment.  They have issued a finding that a sample of your realms have idle timeouts greater than the maximum value prescribed by corporate security guidelines.  You are now required to conduct a complete audit...

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SiteMinder - XPSDDInstall Error.pdf

  Problem     XPSDDInstall SmMaster.xdd [XPSDDInstall - XPS Version 12.52.0105.2113] Log output: /opt/ca/siteminder/log/XPSDDInstall.log Initializing database, please wait... (ERROR) : [sm-xpsxps-07256] getpwuid failed with error code 0. (WARN) : [sm...


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CA Single Sign-On (SiteMinder) Useful Resources

Attached to this document is a PDF file containing bookmarks which I have found useful in developing a deeper understanding of SiteMinder's operational concepts, underlying theory, and its application.   Additional bookmarks reference CA Educational resources for those who may be...


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Unique EEM clustersetup problem and fix - SiteMinder

Symptom: Cannot log into secondary EEM User Interfaces after configuring the EEM multiwrite cluster setup jar. (java -jar eiam-clustersetup.jar -p FQDN of primary)     Symptom: while in the cluster setup jar and running the 'status' command this is the output:   ...

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End of Service Announcement for CA SiteMinder r12.0,CA SiteMinder Federation r12.0

January 21 2015     End of Service Announcement for CA SiteMinder r12.0 (includes all Service Packs and Cumulative Releases) and CA SiteMinder Federation r12.0 (includes all Service Packs, Cumulative Releases and both deployment methods - on CA SiteMinder and as a standalone...