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Tech Tips: Resolving Error "Unable to stage instances on Simulators, not enough capacity"

Issue Getting error when doing a stage: "Unable to stage instances on Simulators, not enough capacity"   Environment All supported DevTest releases and platforms Cause Each Simulator can only handle 256 instances, this is by design. When encountering this error, "Unable to stage...

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Tech Tips: JavaScript Output File Not Created While Staging a Test Case to a Remote Simulator

Issue: Have Input data sets which are read by Test scripts and these Test scripts in-turn write output data (using Java script step) into Excel/csv files which are used by other test scripts to continue the suite execution. No issue found when we run the test scripts in ITR mode. However, when...

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Tech Tips: Simulator not found errors being constantly thrown in Registry log

Issue:   The following error is being thrown every 30 seconds in the registry log:   2017-05-08 14:59:26,002Z (09:59) [ServerRequestResponder 368] INFO com.itko.lisa.coordinator.TestRegistryImpl - getSimulator - simulator not found for tcp://

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Tech Tips: DEVTEST - Resolve extra VBOXMANAGE Processes from Starting

This article explains how to prevent extra "/bin/bash -i -c which VBoxManage”   processes from spawning when the Simulator is started   Issue: Extra "/bin/bash -i -c which VBoxManage" processes being started   Environment:   All supported...