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Tech Tips: Version of Firefox to use with Selenium delivered with DevTest

Below is a list of DevTest Versions and the Version of Firefox to use based on the Selenium jars we deliver with each version.     DevTest      Firefox      Selenium Version       Version     we deliver ...

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Tech Tips: Running a Selenium Test from a DevTest 9.5.1 Portal running on Linux

These are the steps I did to run a Selenium test from a DevTest 9.5.1 Portal running on Linux.  This is just an example to show how it is done.  The GUI interface to use is up to you.   I am using TightVNC viewer for this example.  Any Linux desktop viewer can be used. &...

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A Javelin Flow Using Selenium Actions

This video sets out how to configure Selenium actions in Javelin. It uses a simple example where the flow navigates to the google home page, searches, and then retrieves the title of the resultant page.