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Tech Tip: SOI 3.2 DB Maintenance Scripts

Can we use SOI 3.1 DB Maintenance SQL Scripts in SOI 3.2?   Ans) Yes, we can continue to use SOI 3.1 DB Maintenance Scripts in 3.2 or use Soitoolbox

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Free perl scripts to Export/Import Metric Families and Vendor Certs in bulk in PM

These two scripts provide the capabilities to export and import metric families and vendor certifications in bulk. They use the typecatalog webeservices on the DA.   Download and extract the attached zip files - usage details are documented in the README files.   Your feedback is...

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NCM script to capture config from HP switches using SSH. We had some issues with NCM hanging on certain devices, so we have some built in workarounds. Not the best way since it won't log the device as failed, but at least the NCM task will finish this way. You will need Net::SSH2, Net::SSH2:...