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Tech Tip: Backup/Restore CCA

Hi Everyone     Here are the backup/restore instructions for CCA.     A. Backup and recovery process of CCA which is in non secured mode   1. Backup the CCA database and restore it on a new database machine.      If the...

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API Gateway unable to start after restoring from backup

Background   The CA API Gateway has a native backup and restoration suit that can take full Gateway backups or backup specific components of the API Gateway appliance. A defect in the product may cause the API Gateway to fail to start after restoring from a backup image.   ...

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Tech Tip: How do I restore my vertica database

Issue:   In the event of a vertica crash, how can I restore my vertica database to a good backup   Answer: Assuming backups have been previously configured per the documentation,  please follow these steps to restore the database …   cd /opt/vertica/bin/ ...

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Tuesday Tips: DR recovery of TMC from backup that was encrypted by CA Tape Encryption

If you have encrypted the backup of the TMC and the IEBGENER backup of the audit then you will need to follow these steps to do the restore the TMC.  CA Tape Encryption must be active. 1) Run TMSFORMT/TMSBLDVR to format a dummy TMC large enough to hold the production TMC and TMSFORMT to...