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Tech Tip: How to recreate relationship for CI from Service Discovery

When you create a service with CIs using the Service Discovery, the relationships will be maintain by the Service Discovery policy. The Service Discovery service will create relationships entries in the ca ssa binaryrelationship table. If you manually edit (using Service Modeler) that service...

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Tech Tip: How to delete CI created by USM Web View

For some business reason you might have to create CI in USM Web View. But it can not be deleted by the same way it works for other connectors (Remove connector and all CI will be deleted). To delete CI created by USM WebView steps are: - Login to USM Web View - Click on 'Browse by CI Type' - In...

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Remove VC from VAIM all VMs disappear

Hi   Just some quick advice.   After removing the vcenter server from vaim console all the vms are also removed from the VAIM console.   Please note this is expected behaviour.     Kind Regards Barb    

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Tech Tip: Add a column to the SOI consoles Cleared Alert History

The Cleared Alert History display columns can be configured in the SOI console. To configure the available columns go to the SOI UI server and edit the \SOI\SamUI\webapps\sam\WEB-INF \sam\config\table-alarmhistory -config.xml file. To add Add User Attribute 1 update the column list to...