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Tech Tip: UIM - Enriching NAS (AO) alarms

This document describes the procedure to enrich new alarms created by NAS AO profiles. New alarms generated by NAS via AO profiles do not contain any value in the field dev id. The impact of this is that they are not visible in USM.   The sections to be added in the nas.cfg are the...

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Tech Tip: Did you know what to check when XCOMS7050E ERROR WHILE CHECKING PASSWORD occur?

Description: After a new install of XCOM for iSeries (AS/400), transfers fail with XCOMS7050E ERROR WHILE CHECKING PASSWORD. Solution: When you get this error, please check Is the password in lower case? If so, put it in single quotes, for example, 'password' If sending from z/OS: Is...

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CA Community GO! Setting Up Your Profile

Welcome to the first CA Community GO! What is GO!? They will be short video tutorials, allowing you to watch and GO! Into the Communities with the guidance you need to get started on a variety of subjects. The first in this series will help you set up your profile.     ...