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Tech Tip - How to check probe version in a large environment

Challenge : I would like to check probe *** version in my environment.   Example : Here is an example how to walk through 3 specific probe (colored in red) version in a large environment. These information is stored in 2 tables (CM NIMBUS ROBOT and CM NIMBUS PROBE) so we can make it...

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Perl SDK - Nimbus::PDS::asHash (Array refactoring)

Hi,   Recently, one of my customer identified a issue on my probe static enrichment . Some parts of the SNMP-TRAP QoS was deleted by my probe and not republished on the final message. After few analyse of these QoS i identified that the deleted parts of each PDS was an Array Type ( PDS...

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Tech Tip: Alarm Enrichment probe not processing alarms

This issue has been detected in UIM 8.4 SP2. In some cases, the Alarm Enrichment probe stops processing alarms and messages start being queued. The AE logs show the following repetitive message: Jan 25 02:59:00:962 [attach clientsession, alarm enrichment] AlarmQueueReader alarm count...

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Tech Tip: NETAPP - how to replace the OID in probe configuration

Attached is an word doc provided to me by the Backline Support team. It briefly discusses how to replace an OID in the netapp probe's configuration.