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Tech Tip NV - 'No Data Returned' Polling Failures.

Polling failures doe to 'No Data Returned' alarms can often be prevented by adding the isGet property to the device. Remote into the Poller and open the Console Groups tab Select the device Properties Add Name: isGet Value: 1 click OK Rediscover the Device By default NV will use...

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Tech Tip: When does NFA poll the routers

Assuming polls are successful, NFA will SNMP poll a router under these conditions: The Harvester hasn’t seen flows from the router before (in other words, a newly added router) The Harvester sees a flow from an interface that it has not previously seen (such as when a new interface is added...

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Polling Issues with the 2.3.3 GA release

Versions of DA 2.3.3 GA release ( has a severe defect, which is if the user changes a poll configuration item such as, monitoring profile, poll rate..etc. It may very likely cause large number of polls to stop. The fix for this issue is in 2.3.3 August kit and later releases. If...