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Tech Tip: After upgrade to SOI 4.0 Event policies stopped working

Problem: --   We have upgrade our SOI from 3.x to 4.0 and after upgrade all event policies deployed (On connector or MTC) are not working. Workaround ------   1. Stop following services services > CA SAM Event Management > CA SAM Integration Services 2. Go to location...

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Tech Tip: How can the PrimaryDNSName and Summary values be concatentated in the UserAttribute1 alert property using a single MTC enrichment policy?

Q : How can the PrimaryDNSName and summary values be concatentated in the UserAttribute1 alert attribute using a single MTC enrichment policy?   A: The attached file contains screenshots showing how this can be done.         Please note that this sample is...


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Tech Tip: How to recreate relationship for CI from Service Discovery

When you create a service with CIs using the Service Discovery, the relationships will be maintain by the Service Discovery policy. The Service Discovery service will create relationships entries in the ca ssa binaryrelationship table. If you manually edit (using Service Modeler) that service...

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Tech Tip: When I do editing a Service the "custom policy", "Edit" option  is grayed out

When you go into the Service Editor you can define custom propagation policy. This is available when you select an item in the modeler and right click on it, then "define policy" then "custom policy", then the "Edit" option. If the option to "Edit" is grayed out that is because you first need to...

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Tech Tip: SNMP Connector failed to start

SOI 3.3 SNMP Connector   Problem : The SNMP Connector doesn't come online and status in the Dashboard showing as " snmp policy.xml failed schema validation "   Solution : This is due to corrupt snmp policy file, open the .xml file in a browser it would show an exception... &...

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Tech Tip: Events not found in event policy UI search

"Since the upgrade from SOI 3.1 SP1 to SOI 3.2 Cum 3, when we go to create anEvent Policy and set the Time Range outside the alerts that are currently in the console, no events are displayed in the Results window."   The UNZIP ARCHIVE=1 option which...

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Tech Tip  : Policy Distribution and agent registration issue's  Part 2

A common problem is that the systemedge agent does not get registered or default  policy are not send  to the agent succesfully . A regular cause is either name resolution problems or routers which drop the larger cam udp package to solve this verify if camping works with a larger...

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Tech Tip : How to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI

NOTE:  Before editing any files, always make a backup of those files. Here are the steps to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI.   Spectrum Connector version needs to be at least On the Spectrum connector system: 1) Stop CA SAM Integration Services...

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What is the Exam security policy at CA Technologies?

Only qualified candidates who demonstrate competency by successfully passing the CA Technologies certification exam will be awarded certification credentials. Prospective certification candidates are encouraged to prepare for the exam using the Exam Study Guide and other materials available on...