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Cisco WLC NCM Capture Script

Based on the Out of Box Cisco IOS SSH Capture Script.     #!/usr/Spectrum/bin/perl -w # This script will capture the running configuration of a # WLC device through an SSH session and print it to STDOUT. # # Error Codes: # 0 = Success # 255 = Usage error # 254 =...

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How to automate the updating of the NCM local communication configurations

If you work in or a monitor a large enterprise, you probably have noticed that not all devices have the same enable password. Unfortunately, NCM does not make it very easy to update any subset of a device families enable password attribute via the GUI.   However, using the CLI (VNMSH)...

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NCM script to capture config from HP switches using SSH. We had some issues with NCM hanging on certain devices, so we have some built in workarounds. Not the best way since it won't log the device as failed, but at least the NCM task will finish this way. You will need Net::SSH2, Net::SSH2:...