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How To - Upgrade DevTest 8.x To DevTest 10.1

The attached document is an upgrade guide that will take you thru the steps and the important considerations for the upgrade to the latest and exciting release of DevTest.   Remember we now support in-place upgrade from 8.x to 10.1 which means you can install in the same location as your...


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Tuesday Tips: Can I migrate/convert my current XCOMRRDS?

Starting with XCOM r12.0 you can migrate your existing XCOM r11.5 or r11.6 VSAM XCOMRRDS(RRDS) to the new version 12 format using the XCOMMIGR utility. This can allow any transfer request that are in a request queue to be brought forward to a new release of XCOM without having to reschedule them...

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Tech Tip: NFA Migration fails on Create Function

ISSUE Upgrading to NFA 9.2 fails on SQL Create Function   Frame #24: [SqlAction database=mysql port=3307 sql='CREATE FUNCTION v6 type RETURNS INTEGER SONAME 'nqUDF32.dll''] INFO DriverManagerDataSource::setDriverClassName() - Loaded JDBC driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver INFO...