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Policy Repository: Date Validation

Sometimes it may be necessary to perform date validation to confirm invalid data is not supplied. For example, you may need to prevent bad data like February 52, 2018 from being sent to a back end server.   The attached sample policy retrieves a data from a JSON Payload and validates it....

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Policy Repository: Sanitize JSON Body of special characters

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove special, non alpha-numeric characters, from JSON values. This policy uses a combination of RegEx and JSON path expressions to accomplish this.   I.e: ( "value": "This is a test message ' with special characters $30 " )   To use: 1)...

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Add or Remove XML Element(s) Assertion sample policy

A sample policy using the 'Add or Remove XML Element(s)' Assertion. Instructions: To test this policy: 1. Create a testing endpoint on your Gateway, i.e: /addXml , /removeXml 2. Import the attached policy into the respective endpoint 3. Send one of the sample messages below to the Gateway...

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Client Creds

A sample policy using the 'Retrieve OAuth 2.0 Token' Assertion with the Client Credentials and Resource Owner Password Credentials grant types. This policy makes use of the OAuth 2.0 test clients (id/secret).    For the Resource Owner Password Credentials the Resource Owner ID/PW...