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Release Automation KB: User Permission Task Mapping (RA 5.0.x)

I'm probably not the only one who went through a bumpy journey trying to understand the RA Permission Management. It has several dimensions to control (ie: ROC, Studio, Environment, Application). A permission granted to a role may inherit another permission that you may thought you should or not...


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Release Automation KB: Windows Install Fails with "Failed to write keystore to file"

Problem Release Automation Server fails to install in Windows.  The following error appears in the installation log:   Exception:   In action "Generate keystore [Run script]" (screen "Creating keystore file [Display progress]"), property "Script": java.lang.Error: Failed...

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Release Automation KB: How to Increase Agent's Java Heap Size

Problem Certain actions may result in an "out of memory" on the Release Automation agent once executed.   Example: When executing an action that downloads a large file from a URL, an "out of memory" error will be encountered.   Cause The agent's java heap size is too...

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Release Automation KB: What are Deprecated Actions?

Question Why are certain actions designated "deprecated" after upgrading to the latest version of an action pack?   Answer On occasion, after updating a previously installed action pack to a newer version, certain actions may appear with the word "deprecated" in...