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jboss wildfly 8.2 jgroups multicast clustering test

If you are are having an issues whereby saving IDM UI objects on one server in a clustered environment does not show up in the other server within the cluster.  Then you maybe facing a clustering issue, Most times when this does not work, it usually comes down to Network or...

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I had a customer who asked about jboss log rotation, specifically deleting older files to avoid running low on disk spacce. By default we use the DailyRollingFileAppender which does not include any functionality to delete older files.   We discussed using a size based file rolling file...

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Identity Manager and Licensed JBoss

Starting from Identity Manager 12.6 SP5 and onward, CA has set the JBoss version to be 6.2/6.3 EAP, meaning a licensed solution for JBoss. This is per the application support matrix. This would require customers upgrading to have a licensed JBoss server in order to upgrade. There is no way to...