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TECH TIP: How to tune HDAM/PHDAM Databases using Reports from CA Database Analyzer? 

Together with Fast Path DEDB databases, the HDAM/PHDAM database types need to be monitored and tuned most often.  Beside some general dataset attributes (like CISZ/blocksize or Access Method), these (P)HDAM specific DBD parameters are most important for performance:   ...


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TECH-TIPS: Top Secret IMS v13/v14 support summary.

IMS v13   Apply PTFs RO62598 and RO62599 for Top Secret r15.0 It is supported at base level of Top Secret r16.0   IMS v14   Apply PTFs RO77073 and RO77074 for Top Secret r15.0 Apply PTFs RO88968 and RO88969 for Top Secret r16.0