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[USER GROUP] IDMS User Association (IUA) UK User Group

We are pleased to invite you to join us for Broadcom's upcoming IDMS User Association (IUA) UK User Group on 25th of September, 2019 at the St. Ermin's Hotel in London. Meet Members of the Broadcom IDMS Product Team Get the latest roadmap and information Provide your feedback and...

 09-25-2019 | 12:00 AM - 05:00 PM GB

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[REPLAY] CA IDMS Buffer Tuning

If you missed our educational session on May 20, 2019 that focused on CA IDMS Buffer Tuning presented by Dick Weiland, CA IDMS Principal Software Engineer, the replay is now available. This video offers an overview of database and journal buffers and how they work, as well as how to tune...

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Wednesday already?

Wednesday already? Wow! Where does the time go. Here at the IUA IDMS Conference there has been a  day and a half of pre-conference education and we all had a nice cook out on the patio last night in the warm Texan sunshine.   Now the Conference has kicked off and Greg Lotko is...

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That's it. The end of the conference.

Last session over. Good-byes are in progress.   Next year will possbly be another one.   My feelings are that this has been a good conference.   Stats:   3 1/2 days 31 Sessions 2 Keynote talks, 3 technical one-on-one sessions Lots of hallway networking. 2 Social...

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One hour is not enough time ....

... for a talk about running 24x7 . More appropriately it should be 24 hours.   Here at the IUA technical Conference, John Siraco described the processes, technology and techniques available  to operate a system in a high availability environment. Useful stuff, even if you dont...

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Migration from DB2 to IDMS

Listened to a fascinating session given by a team* in Australia who have migrated an application from DB2 to IDMS. It show's it's possible (and easy) and it's not all one way traffic!)   It was presented via a recorded webex but the team were available for questions in Oz on a...

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IDMS SQL will support set relationships using foreign keys

I just heard and seen a demo of a future IDMS 19.0 SQL facility: SQL against a Schema defined to a Non-SQL database will support Set relationships via Primary and Foreign keys This is big news! Standard SQL can now be used to access IDMS network defined databases.   Greg was at...

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Early start today (8am)

It's an early start today, the first session is at 8:00am. But it's worth it. I'm seeing an interesting session on System Exits by Mike Picchioni and Jake Hart.   (This is a blog entry: Live from the IUA Technical Conference. )