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Javascipt based BLTH : Generate Temporary Password.

Credit: Eliran and Chen.    Here is the BLTH code that creates the password with more control.   GeneratePassword This is a Rhino function that gets the number of lower case, upper case, special characters, digits and total number of chars that you want the password to be...

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Policy Xpress - 'If ElseIf Else' Condition

PX Action Rules run as ‘ SWITCH’ statements. Meaning, two Action Rules cannot run simultaneously.   To change its behavior and make it run with ‘ IF-ELSEIF-ELSE ’ behavior, attached logic can be used. This is a Policy Xpress policy example to trigger...


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How to configure an SSL connection to Provisioning Server from Identity Manager

Summary: This document will walk you through configuring SSL to the Provisioning Server from Identity Manager.   Instructions:   Provisioning Server Certificate Location: [Provisioning Server install dir]/data/tls/server/eta2 servercert.pem   ====================== ...

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Snapshot Tasks for IM 12.6 OOTB Reports (Excluding Audit reports)

As you may or may not know the IM product is released with a set of sample reports. In some cases these sample reports are useful as is and you have no need to change them. In recent versions a new task for creating snapshots is available. This new task was built to provide a more easy way to...

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No export after campaign is finished

Problem: Import and export connector to Identity MAnager is configured and working. Role change requests are exported to Identity Manager. Campaign results are not exported to Identity Manager.   Steps to reproduce: Perform a request for a provisioning role change. Wait for...

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How to configure SSL for your corporate user store. (Example uses CA Directory)

Summary: This document will walk you through configuring your corporate user store to connect via SSL.   Instructions: How to configure SSL for your corporate user store. (Example uses CA Directory).   Note: In this example the Java is version jdk1.7.0 75 and the JAVA HOME is set...

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How to put Identity Manager installer into Debug mode

How to put Identity Manager installer into Debug mode. =========   Windows: Run the installer from command line and while installshield is loading the installer press and hold the control(Ctrl) button until it completes at 100%.   Linux: ./setuplinux.bin -log @ALL (some...

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How to configure basic SSH for RHEL 6.5

This configuration guide is based off of the root user.   Go to : cd ~   Execute : ls -la   Go to : cd .ssh  (if this folder does not exist then perform the following code: mkdir .ssh)   Execute : ssh-keygen -t rsa Enter file in which to save the key: Left...

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Tech Tip - Configure Password Sync Agent to disallow password changes while your Provisioning Server is offline

This tech doc walks through the configuration changes necessary to prevent users from changing their password when your Provisioning Server is unreachable. By default, if the Provisioning Server is unavailable, users will still be allowed to change their passwords.   1. On the system...

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Why should you upgrade to Identity Manager R12.6.5?

We often get asked by customers "why should I upgrade?  I'm pretty happy with my old release".  The answer to this question is that over the span of several releases, even minor ones, the benefits that can be obtained by upgrading really increase.  This is particularly true for...