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Tuesday Tip: What is ADRSUB and what function does it serve?

ADRSUB is the DDNAME for the  Internal Reader (IRDR) and is only used with CA Ideal and CA Dataquery.  The definition for (IRDR) in supplied in member VQ14CSD in the CAVQSAMP library for CA IPC r14 and VQ15CSD, for CA IPC r15.   A site can have this dynamically allocated if...

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Sample CA Ideal Program: PERSYS

This CA Ideal program produces a report of each CA IDEAL system and list each user that is related to that system as well as their authorization in that system. This program contains 1 report Persys, and two programs, DDCALL and DSFERR.   You will need to IMPORT this program,...

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Sample CA Ideal Program: EMPLPAY

This is a CA Ideal program that has the same functionality as Cobol program  DBSPCPR ( for CICS transaction DBAC ).   THE PURPOSE OF THIS PROGRAM IS TO:                      ...

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Sample CA Ideal Program: EXPGEN (Export Cards)

This application is provided to be used with IDEAL's Source T ransport Facility. Given a parameter specifying the root program of an application, this program will follow all the relationships recorded in the dictionary to retrieve the sub-programs, panels and reports associated with the...