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Tech Tips: Defining LDAP Group Settings in IAM - Only Sync if you Need all Groups

As per our documentation for DevTest 10.3.0 and 10.4.0:   The Group Settings tab lets you define the LDAP groups that you want to pull into Identity and Access Manager.   Follow these steps:   Click the Group Settings tab. Enter the details for your LDAP group...

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SAML Token Caching for Improved Identity Performance

Issuing SAML tokens in a SOA or Cloud policy operation is a common use case, but there are two core concerns that need to be addressed in production-class deployments: Public Key cryptography required to sign the token is expensive in terms of CPU usage If there is a single path through...

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OpenSSO IAM Integration

As the entry point to an organization's services, XML, SOA and API gateways are responsible for controlling access. This typically involves authentication and authorization against a user directory (LDAP). However, it is often the case that identity and access management (IAM) is handled by some...

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CA OAuth Toolkit

Simplify authentication and authorization for Web and mobile APIs   OAuth is fast becoming a key standard for access management with RESTful APIs. OAuth has the advantage of being: Lightweight, for over-the-air mobile applications Open, to prevent vendor lock-in or insecure...