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SDM to 3rd party tool integrations... what if...

Involved in various 3rd Party product integrations from and to SDM in the past, I started to think about a whish list, which would make life easier and cheaper. Most People are aware that SDM has very strong and rich inbound API's (SOAP & REST based),while it has a lot of weaknesses when it...

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CA ITAM Error  404.17 Not found

Symptom  : get Error on Browser HTTP 404.17 -Not found    Resolution:   Check IIS installation   ASP.NET NET Extensibility (.NET Framework 3.5.1) ASP CGI Check .NET Application Pool for ITAM

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Parse nested JSON Objects passed in HTTP requests and/or responses and create parameters which CEM can match/record. Note: HTTP Header "Content-type" must contain the keyword "json" or the plugin will ignore it.

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Tuesday Tip: Definition for program @I$ABOVE

CA Tuesday Tip from Julia Giancola, Senior Support Engineer Definition for program @I$ABOVE   Sites that are using the CA Ideal Web Interface and need a buffer area that exceeds 32,000 bytes of parameter area, will need to define the @I$ABOVE program.  @I$ABOVE can be found in the...