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Tech Tip - Migrator error during Linux Harvester installation

Symptoms: Migrator Error during installation of Linux Harvester. A check of the /opt/CA/NFA/MySql/data/<computername>.err file indicates the following error:   Error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory  ...

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Tech Tip: Consider Ext4 filesystem for Linux Harvester

Due to the way that NFA stores its data in a 2 tier system, you may want to consider configuring your Linux installation with Ext4 file systems to avoid the 32k subdirectory limit of Ext3.   When reaching this limit in a Ext3 environment you will notice that newly added interfaces will...

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Tech Tip: NFA Reaper Service Dies Periodically

NFA Reaper Service Dies Periodically   Descriprion: The "CA NFA Reaper" service dies periodically on an NFA Harvester machine.  The ReaperInput directory is filled with files and using up disk space.  The file "RealTimeReaperErrors*.log" from the day that the problem occurred...