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Community GO! Following askCA, Events, and WYMHM in Custom Streams

Following AskCA, Events, & What You May Have Missed Using Tags   Right now there is no way to follow specific categories (Products) on the Jive community platform. There is the ability to follow specific tags. Using tags you can follow  three primary content types the CA...

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CA Community GO! Marking Answers as Correct

Welcome to the Community GO! A video walk-through series to help both new and veteran community members learn more about the CA Community platform. This tutorial focuses on marking questions that have received the proper answer, as correct. Doing so rewards individuals answering your questions,...

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CA Community GO! Using the Search Bar, Ask Bar, and Filters

While we mainly bring you one GO video per entry, this time we will feature three. The first is using the search bar and exploring all its features, second, using the ask bar on a community homepage, and lastly, applying filters to find content more relevant to your search. There is overlap...

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CA Community GO! Setting Your Email Preferences

In the second Community Go! learn to set your e-mail preferences to what works best for you. Have any suggestions for a Community Go! or questions? Comment below.