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Tech-Tips: Certificate Utility SAFCRRPT- How to report on expired certificates.

To do this you have to use the keyword EXPIRED .   This documented in TSS r16.0 documentation available at This is not documented in TSS r15.0 ninth edition, but works.   The example below reports on expiring certificates within the given time frame:  ...

Library Entry
Tuesday Tip:  Tape cannot be scratched even though the EXPDT is in the past and is not vaulted.

With fix RO62814 we changed the logic in TMSCLEAN to not scratch a tape if the CLOSED bit is not on in FLAG1 and the CDATE is less than 5 days old.  Two problems were found with this fix and fixes RO65431 and RO69505 were written to correct the problems.  Now if TMSCLEAN sees a tape...