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How to create a Console Event Detector (ED) that does not issue an alert

You might have a TCP/IP Console Event Detector (e.g. used to run an NCL) and an alert is NOT to be issued for it.   If on the ED's  section Create Alert field Severity is nonzero and field Alert Type is set to AO (ACTIONONLY) when this is  saved Alert Type will revert...

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TECH TIP: UIM alarm and event_type attribute

In LUA one attribute of alarm you can see is even type. The values which can contains are follows: ALARM NONE = 0 ALARM NEW = 1 ALARM UPDATE = 2 ALARM CLOSE = 4 ALARM ASSIGN = 8 ALARM UPDATE SUPP = 16 ALARM ACK = 32 ALARM NOTE = 64 ALARM MESSAGE = 255 ALARM STATS = 256 GENERIC = 512 ...