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RE: IMPORTANT AND TIME SENSITIVE - Dollar Universe 5.x Scheduler Issue

#dollaruniverse Some better hints: Into scripts for DU TMP SCRIPT NAME var , better is to use a remanent directory : $UXMGR/tmp script.txt instead of $U TMP PATH (windows var within %..%) redirect the crontabs executions to files [UNIX] ....uxsetenv wake cal lan > dev/null 2...

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RE: Trying to find $U Node status in SQL database

#dollaruniverse The DUAS sends the information (v6) The UVMS polls the information (v5) polling config is into UVMS nodsettings UVMS store it into its memory (daemon) UVC is just a an interface (but UVC can also be a requester) There is no location you can find thet node status You can also use...

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RE: $U Reporter Issues

#dollaruniverse Good ! Welcome to reporter :-) See "Apta" answer regarding your last question . One thing : Beware of your Node Name AND your server name for the reporter I explain: * The UVMS Node setting you should designate the DUAS that will be the "scheduler" for you report generations and...

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RE: uninstall dollar Universe on windows server 2019 CORE

Hi Be sure that your Dollar Universe services are stopped and alls subs (user services particularly) Get-Services can help to find out them To UnInstall, simply use the Get-Package command: Get-Package -Provider Programs -IncludeWindowsInstaller -Name ... then Uninstall-Package ... You can do...