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Build and Run Container Gateway with OTK and MAG

Overview: Containerization provides tons of conveniences, it allows you run the gateway within any container orchestration tools, such as OpenShift and Kubernetes. In this document, I will share the artifacts and steps to build and run a container gateway with OTK and MAG from the standard...

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Docker 1: Pitfalls to avoid

The most common reason a set of dependent docker containers do not start up correctly, is because one of the containers did not come up correctly. Analyzing many docker-containers, I have noticed very often "developers" to add a startup script that looks like the below (I admit, this is one of...

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Tech Tips: Starting the Broker with Docker Containers

The Broker is suppose to start with the Registry Container, but is not.   Running this command will start the Broker:   docker run -d --name broker -v /logs/broker:/root/lisatmp 10.1.0 --net="host" -p 1508:1508 -p 2009:2009 devtest/registry-broker-base /opt/devtest/bin/Broker &...

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August 2016 Webcast: Your Input Needed on New UIM for Cloud Dashboards for AWS, Nutanix, and Docker

The UIM team is making great progress on features for the monitoring of leading cloud technologies in UIM, and we’re ready for your input. In June, we released probes for monitoring AWS, Docker, and Nutanix, and are now creating out-of-the-box dashboards that allow you to better understand...


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What actually is a Docker Container ?

It has come to my attention during talks, conf-calls and WebEx - that many people can't imagine what an actual docker container is. That reminds me of the "Cloud" hype we had some years ago. Everyone talked about it - very few actually knew/understood what it really was   From the ...

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Availability of a technology preview of CA SSO as a software appliance

The CA Single Sign-On team is happy to announce the availability of a technology preview of CA SSO as a software appliance in a Docker container format


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FridayFlashback - "Are you too busy?"

I am on my way back home on a jam packed Friday night subway. The subway chugs along stations and inside I hold on to the horizontal bar for dear life. As I swing along with a crowd on my back, my mind races to the dinner time conversation I just had with one of my friend who works for a startup...