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Setting up DSA replication using text based configuration

Here I would like to present Justin McDonald's example of setting up replication between two DSAs using text based configuration and command line tools. This thorough example deserves to be a separate document.   Say we have two DSAs on two servers server1: dsa1 server2: dsa2 &...

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How to change the admin user password that controls access to our User and or Provisioning Directory

When you install the product it prompts you for a shared secret. This then becomes the password for the initial global user that is created in the Provisioning Server. You may or may not have used this global user when you defined your IM Prov Dir XML in the IM Management Console. Even if you...

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Tuesday Tip: Received message XCOMN0416E Error Writting ouput file: No such file or directory

If you are running XCOM r11.6 for Windows Server or Professional and have encountered message "X COMN0416E Error writing output f ile: No such file or directory" when transferring a file to XCOM on Windows Server/Professional, check the following:   1. Make sure that the value for...

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Tech Tip: Consider Ext4 filesystem for Linux Harvester

Due to the way that NFA stores its data in a 2 tier system, you may want to consider configuring your Linux installation with Ext4 file systems to avoid the 32k subdirectory limit of Ext3.   When reaching this limit in a Ext3 environment you will notice that newly added interfaces will...

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Tech Tip: Where are the LGPL files located

During the SOI installation, it will ask you for the LGPL Distribution Directory containing the following files.... jtds.jar djnativeswing.jar hibernate-core.jar jna.jar swt-linux.jar swt-win32.jar   Those files are located in the iso image CA Service Operations...

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CAPKI r4.3.4 Release Announcement

CAPKI r4.3.4 has been signed off and the builds are available for use in embedded installer components. Products affected: EEM via CA Directory R12 all versions prior to SP14. Any existing CA Directory r12 host (prior to SP14) can apply this CAPKI patch independently.   Issues...