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Tech Tips: Starting the Broker with Docker Containers

The Broker is suppose to start with the Registry Container, but is not.   Running this command will start the Broker:   docker run -d --name broker -v /logs/broker:/root/lisatmp 10.1.0 --net="host" -p 1508:1508 -p 2009:2009 devtest/registry-broker-base /opt/devtest/bin/Broker &...

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Tech Tips: Virtual Service models disappears in the Portal when restarting DevTest implemented with Docker containers

Issue The configuration of DevTest 10.1 is implemented with Docker Containers and MySQL DB. When the configuration (DevTest + DB) is restarted, the active (running) SVs no longer show in the DevTest Portal (Monitor -> Virtual Service Environments -> VSE). The Auto-Restart column shows ...