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caf setserveraddress "Failed to set property in configuration file"

Hi The attached document contains technical document shows what you can do if you run caf setserveraddress and get an error " " Failed to set property in configuration file ". This is useful for situations where an administrator may not have access to the DSM Explorer to change the...


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Tech Tip: 'Send Email' Escalation Action working from SOI UI

'Send Email' Escalation Action is working from SOI Escalation policies but when I try to send email from Console it fails. - In SOI we need to provide Email server details in 2 places under 'Administrator' tab 1. CA Service Operations Insight Manager Configuration => => Email Configuration...

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Tech Tip - Disable Enterprise Common Services (ECS) logging for Identity Manager

On the Identity Manager Provisioning Server is a set of logs located under your Enterprise Common Services (ECS) folder. In the default installation path, the location of the files is "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\Enterprise Common Services\SAF". You may want to disable these logs...

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Tuesday Tip: Using CA XCOM XTC feature from command line on Linux

If you would like to use the CA XCOM XTC feature parameters on the command line you can do so by:   1. Creating a .cnf/.xml configuration file containing all of the parameters and separate them with the CONTROL=NEWXFER parameter.          Note :...