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Tech-Tips: Did you remember? About MINDAYS password option and Administrators.

  MINDAYS is applicable only for user ACIDs and does not apply when administrative ACIDs change their password at signon .   MINDAYS is not applicable to users who have a non-expiring password.      

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Tech Tip: How to change Alert Queue Name

Problem: -- I have create Alert Queue named 'XYZ' with some criteria and has some escalation policies attached to it. Now for some reason I want to change queue name to 'ABC' but it is not possible from UI. Solution : -- You can not change queue name from console directly. But as a...

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Tech Tip: Moving connectors to a new server.

When you are moving a connector to a new server you want to first make sure you have removed the old connector from SOI before installing the new one. You can remove the connector by logging into the SOI UI and selecting the Administration tab then Connector Configuration. Select the connector...

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TUESDAY TIP:  When using TMSUPDTE to update the EXPDT how do I put in a Keyword date?

When you need to change the EXPDT to a CA 1 Keyword value you need to use the actual keyword, not the date that you would put in your JCL. Here is a list of the keywords and an example of the TMSUPDTE control statements.            TMSUPDTE...

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FAQ: Change Detection Mechanism

Change detection management planning helps ensure that Data Aggregator detects and monitors device reconfigurations in your environment according to your needs.   Q: Can’t I just set the Change Detection rate to 5 mins so that DA will quickly pick up changes?   The product...

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Tech Tip: Default significance doesn't change

Question: I have modified the default significance parameter for the 'Computer System' class from 5 to 8. But still the significance of 'computer system' CIs show up as '5' which is the old value.   Solution: => When we set global significance, it applies to new CIs that you create...