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Agile Ops is Agile!  Get the Latest Update at CA World ’17

Agile Operations is the home of CA’s application, infrastructure and network operations performance monitoring solutions and in just the last year, market-leading analytics and monitoring solutions for cloud-based workloads, microservice-based apps and infrastructures and virtual...


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How Adobe Secures, Manages and Deploys Enterprise Mobile Apps

Medium to large companies build dozens of enterprise mobile apps to empower its employees and partners but unfortunately, the corporate protocols for access and authorization can prevent such apps from being widely adopted. Come and hear Dinesh Gopinathan from Adobe talk about such challenges...

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How Discover is Transforming it's Software Delivery Approach with an API Platform

Discover relies on an API delivery approach that lowers the barrier for integrating with external partners, and evolves its internal SOA program to boost business agility and reduce time to market. This approach also ensures that Discover developers can build secure endpoints with built-in, not...

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Maximizing The Value of Your On-Premise and Cloud Environments

By the end of the decade, 80% of organizations will still be investing in hybrid cloud and on premise infrastructures which creates a security gap for most organizations. As a result, many have adopted separate security tools for their cloud and on premise environments which have increased risk...

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Developing and Implementing a Successful Insider Threat Strategy and Plan

Enterprises today face the risk of attacks to their data from the outside and the inside. Employees or employee identities are typical attack vectors for a low-and-slow data exfiltration attack. In this session, CA Technologies CIO, Mahendra Durai, will explore the strategies and approaches an...

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Enabling the Power You Need - Analytics for Security

CA Analytics Experts Terrence Clark and Mark McGovern have a detailed discussion on how Identity analytics are essential for the digital transformation of your business. You will learn how CA is using analytics throughout our security products to provide better security and a seamless user...

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The State of Louisiana and CA Technologies—Improving Lives Through Health Care Modernization

"The Louisiana Enterprise Architecture (EA) project is currently setting the standard for all future government system design for the State of Louisiana. The State is collaborating with CA to simplify the management of identity information for citizens and partners, as well as provide single...

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KPN Incorporates Application & Infrastructured Monitoring Information Into Business Service Models

KPN is the leading provider of telecom and IT services in the Netherlands, with several brands to serve consumers, businesses and large corporations, locally and abroad. KPN has been using CA Spectrum® and CA eHeath® for more than 10 years and was one of the earliest adopters of CA...

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Target & Bell Canada Leverage the Latest CA Innovations to Advance Network Performance Monitoring

In this lively panel discussion with the innovators in modern network architecture adoption, including cloud and software-defined networking (SDN). Discover about the latest initiatives driving their network transformations, and why they rely on CA network monitoring innovations to unlock the...

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Utilities and Energy—Adopting Smart Devices, IoT and Mobile to Enhance the Customer Experience

Organizations in the utilities vertical have been pioneers in digital transformations when it comes to adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobility to provide customers with a unique experience. But how does IT handle such newer architectures and what are some of the challenges in adopting...