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A log reader built into the tool? YEA!!

If you are tired of having to access the application servers of the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) tool to query the log files, do not miss this video. This customization was done using the languages PERL, Spel, HTML and Javascript. Enjoy!

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CA SDM::.SPEL::. tobase64

tobase64 Method to convert the input data to BASE64. string tobase64(string str) But I have not yet found a function that does the reverse. eg. printf("%s\n", tobase64('INPUT DATA')); // Returns 'SU5QVVQgREFUQQ=='

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CA SDM::.SPEL::. getenv

getenv Method to return a string within a environment variable. string getenv(string str) It can be used to retrieve a variable that has been previously stored by the setenv function. A variable defined at run time with the setenv function can be accessed at any time inside or...

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CA SDM::.SPEL::. workshift_validate

Workshift validate Details USD utilizes workshifts and sometimes it is useful to be able to determine times within a workshift. string workshift validate(string workshift) Checks whether the informed workshift is valid. If the return is an empty string, the workshift is valid.