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Tech Tip - VMware API Data Adapter VM Guest OS Name

Issue: The current version of the VMware API data adapter gets an incorrect VM Guest Operating System name for some Windows Server types.  Symptom: VMware guests are showing the Operation System as names like 'windows7Server64Guest' instead of 'Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)' ...

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Tech Tip: Updated Data Adapters for VMware vCenter v6.5

CCC 2.9.4 has been certified to collect metrics from VMware vCenter v6.5 for DB adapters.   Deploy the attached data adapter files to collect metrics from vCenter v6.5. Follow these steps: Stop the Apache Tomcat service (CA CCC). Navigate to CA\Capacity Command Center<version> ...

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Tech TIP: Capacity Management Data Adapter and ibmvm_rest

In accordance to let capman da & ibmvm rest collect maximum amount of configuration data: It is for Managed Hosts            Number of CPU Cores  Total Memory    hardware family (<- not working for me or I don't know how to enable)  ...

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Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘CA Application Performance Management (APM) Data Adapter - 10.5 support’ (DE 296523)

After upgrading CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) from 10.3 or earlier to 10.5 (10.5.1), the APM Data Adapter fails to capture APM performance data. Apply the patch provided with this KB article to Update the data adapter drop-down list to display ‘CA APM 10.5’ or 'CA...

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Tech Tip: Data Load / Staging poor performance / failure

Let me share with you one effective performance tuning tip (or bug resolution - up to your opinion) which I haven't seen here neither docs. Since performance of any SQL query at Oracle is only as high as actual optimizer statistics are available, we are facing significant inefficiency on Data...