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BAT - Force compontent Rediscovery for all SNMPC profiles

This is an example of how you can write a script to invoke Force Component Rediscovery for all SNMPcollector profiles This is Windows script. You can tweak / change to fit your environment.   set LIST=devicelist.txt set PU="C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin\pu.exe" set...

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CA Tech Tip : CA DATACOM VSAM TRANSPARENCY - print content batch VIT

CA Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx, Principal Support Engineer , for March 1 ,2016.   You are using  CA Datacom VSAM Transparency  in batch for many years  but  don’t know where to look for the source of the batch VSAM Interface Table (VIT)  or have even lost it...

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I had a customer who asked about jboss log rotation, specifically deleting older files to avoid running low on disk spacce. By default we use the DailyRollingFileAppender which does not include any functionality to delete older files.   We discussed using a size based file rolling file...

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IDMS/IPCS Report Write Version 1.4

It's been a productive 6 months (roughly) but after numerous bug fixes and cosmetic upgrades, a new version of the IDMS/IPCS Report Write, otherwise known as IDMSREXX, is available. This version is thought to be clean of problems, at least based upon the dumps which I know it has been run...

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The current version of the IDMS/IPCS Report Writer has been uploaded and is now available for use by the client community. I will try to load the documentation file shortly, but it is only about 80% up to date with respect to form and function. In other words, it still needs some work.   ...

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CA Tuesday Tips : Is it possible to use Name masking for environment in Build Admin SCL statements?

Endevor Tuesday Tip by Ollivier F. Dorso, Principal Support Engineer, September, 9th  2014   From Endevor 17.0, you can name mask the From Environment environment-name value in certain Build SCL statements. You can use name-masking to specify some variable values. A name-masked value...