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SOI Tech Tip: Backup Management of customized XML files in SOI

For any customization to XML files in SOI folders, (for example Connector Policy files, Configuration Files, Debug settings in XML files) take your backup copies of the original files outside of their respective folders in order to prevent any conflicts in processing the .XML contents.

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Tech Tip: Backup/Restore CCA

Hi Everyone     Here are the backup/restore instructions for CCA.     A. Backup and recovery process of CCA which is in non secured mode   1. Backup the CCA database and restore it on a new database machine.      If the...

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API Gateway unable to start after restoring from backup

Background   The CA API Gateway has a native backup and restoration suit that can take full Gateway backups or backup specific components of the API Gateway appliance. A defect in the product may cause the API Gateway to fail to start after restoring from a backup image.   ...