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APM10 Dynamic Dashboard – How it Helped Customer Save Time and Effort

Recently I was asked to help a customer get up to speed with APM 10.5 and some of its new features and capabilities including dashboards. As you could imagine there is a bit of a learning curve for the customer coming from APM 9.x. One of the key requirements from the customer was to create...

Library Entry
TECH TIP: UIM alarm and event_type attribute

In LUA one attribute of alarm you can see is even type. The values which can contains are follows: ALARM NONE = 0 ALARM NEW = 1 ALARM UPDATE = 2 ALARM CLOSE = 4 ALARM ASSIGN = 8 ALARM UPDATE SUPP = 16 ALARM ACK = 32 ALARM NOTE = 64 ALARM MESSAGE = 255 ALARM STATS = 256 GENERIC = 512 ...