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Policy Repository: Substring

A simple policy that allows extraction of a substring To use:   Open policy manager and create a test service Download the attached file and import the XML file into your new service Modify these variables as needed: STRING : The string to extract the substring from START : The...

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Policy Repository: Concatenate JSON

A simple policy demonstrating how to concatenate two JSON strings. The policy utilizes RegEx to pull the key/value pairs (removing the curly braces).   A source variable is set to the below.    ( "user4": "Bill", "user5": "Mo", "user6": "Greg" )   This...

Library Entry
Policy Repository: HTTP Redirect

A simple policy to perform an HTTP redirect. This uses an 'Return Template Response to Requestor' assertion to manipulate the HTTP status code and the 'Manage Transport Properties/Headers' assertion to add the location header.