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Tech Tip: Alarm Enrichment probe not processing alarms

This issue has been detected in UIM 8.4 SP2. In some cases, the Alarm Enrichment probe stops processing alarms and messages start being queued. The AE logs show the following repetitive message: Jan 25 02:59:00:962 [attach clientsession, alarm enrichment] AlarmQueueReader alarm count...

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TECH TIP: Example on Triggers and Auto-Operators.pptx

Often, users will only need to be alerted if two or more alarm conditions exist together. For example, you might be monitoring hard drive free space with the CDM probe, but you only want to be alerted if drives C: AND D: both fail.   This document will give a quick example on how to...


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TECH TIP: UIM alarm and event_type attribute

In LUA one attribute of alarm you can see is even type. The values which can contains are follows: ALARM NONE = 0 ALARM NEW = 1 ALARM UPDATE = 2 ALARM CLOSE = 4 ALARM ASSIGN = 8 ALARM UPDATE SUPP = 16 ALARM ACK = 32 ALARM NOTE = 64 ALARM MESSAGE = 255 ALARM STATS = 256 GENERIC = 512 ...

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Tech Tip : How to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI

NOTE:  Before editing any files, always make a backup of those files. Here are the steps to add the Occurrences attribute from Specturm to SOI.   Spectrum Connector version needs to be at least On the Spectrum connector system: 1) Stop CA SAM Integration Services...