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End of Support Announcement for CA SSO r6 Agent SDK

Support for CA SSO r6 Agent SDK (including all Service Packs and Cumulative Releases) are currently scheduled to be discontinued on December 31, 2016.  Customers can contract with CA for Basic Extended Support for another 12 months at any time before or after December 31, 2016. Basic...


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Tech Tip: CCA Server, Grid Node, NDG, CCA Agents, CABI, EEM Ports\Communications

The following is breakdown of default ports used for CCA Server, Grid Node, NDG, CCA Agents, CABI and EEM     CCA Server Without Grid Nodes Source Port(s) Destination Port(s) CCA Server TCP 1024+ NDG TCP Bidirectional 8083 CCA Server TCP 1024+ Agents TCP...

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Tech Tip: Interfaces set Enabled 'Yes' go back to 'No'

By default Auto-Enable Interfaces in Application Settings is set to True and as routers are discovered their interfaces are set to Yes for Enabled whether there is flow on the interfaces or not. There is a case where all interfaces accross all routers (that currenly do not have flow and/or are...

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Updated for APM 9.1.x. The directory structure of this agent has changed enough it required updating this script. It is not backwards compatible to 9.0.x agents. Download the previous script for use with 8.x/9.0.x agents. 05/23/2012: Corrected path to IntroscopeAgent.profile.